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I'm Rhys Templeton

I'm a graduate of the Western Washington University Design program. I'm a multi-principled designer with specialization in 3D motion graphics and product design. I love my work and its what takes up the majority of my day, but when I'm not designing I can be found getting experimental in the kitchen, sitting down with some video games, or playing D&D with friends and family.

I'm constantly listening to music throughout the day so I have a soundtrack for everything from doing the dishes to working on my next animation. I like most things but find myself typically listening to groups like PUP and Peach Pit, as well as whatever my Discover Weekly throws my way. I'm always looking for new experiences, music, projects, inspirations and connections.

A Little About What I Do

I have a wide range of skills and have enjoyed the opportunities to work with a wide range of clients. I've worked on game piece figures for board game companies, promotional content for local workshops, and even product showcases for start up companies.

3D Design
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
Product Design
3D Printing

Feel free to take a look at my resume right here.

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