In early 2021 I was contacted by the founder and owner of Vinarmour who was looking for a digital showcase video to present to potential buyers and investors. I was tasked with creating digital models of the new product being developed which I then animated showcasing its various features and emphasizing its construction and materials.

This was an exceptionally exciting and enjoyable project that I still look back on fondly today.



GUD LUC is a personal passion project of mine, in which I wanted to combine my love of both motion graphics and 3D printing into one cohesive product. I began with a single model which I digitally sculpted, animated to show off, then 3D printed as part of a joke, but I found I really enjoyed the process and things kind of snowballed from there.

I wanted to challenge myself as a product designer, digital sculptor, 3D animator and video editor, so all of the above were sprinkled into the creation of the products as well as the fabrication of the promotional content which were posted to social media.


Strainge Beast Rebrand

Strainge Beast is an interesting company with an even more interesting offering; alcoholic kombucha. Not only do they have an interesting product, they have a really fun brand identity that harkens back to campy cult horror, namely that of Little Shop of Horrors with a lot of illustrative design depicting carnivorous planting and utilizing showy, quirky fonts.

Though these are all major points in favor of the company's branding, they lack a signifying parent mark, with most of their logos just being text accented by side illustrations, so I thought it would be fun to develop a parent mark, and eventually animate it.


Tito's Vodka Redesign

One of my hobbies is mixology, and I can say without a shred of doubt that Tito's vodka is some of the best out there, particularly for cocktail mixing. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of the product, but less of a fan of the branding and packaging.

I felt that a product this solid could lean on its interesting origins and inspirations and so I redesigned the original vodka bottle, and imagined what a Tito's line of not only vodka, but gin and bourbon would look like as liquors of the old wild west.